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Fairmount Door is proud to be the exclusive dealer for ActivWall products in the state. ActivWall’s unique products allow you to open up your living space with movable walls, windows, and door systems. Available in a variety of styles and colors, we will work closely with you to customize a product that is just right for your home and lifestyle. Whatever type of window or door you’re wanting, we can get you there!

ActivWall Windows Doors

ActivWall Product Options

Horizontal Folding Walls, Doors, & Windows

Horizontal folding walls, doors, and windows, also called bi-fold doors, offer a flexible means of saving space. These products open to the side, fold in compactly, and can be used for residential or commercial spaces. ActivWall only uses the best hardware, which contributes to long-lasting, durable products. With thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned E glass, these doors are also energy efficient. Custom sizes, finishes, and configurations are available, as well as a floor-mounted system for additional weight support. 

Gas-Strut Windows

Gas-strut windows are an innovative feature that allows the window to open at a 90-degree angle. It’s a single panel window that offers full visibility and can be utilized for residential or commercial settings, as an interior or exterior window. ActivWall uses insulated glass and thermally broken aluminum for premium energy efficiency. These windows can be customized by glass types, colors, finishes, and sizes. The swing door is easy to use and clips onto a hook when closed. 

Sliding Stacking Systems

Sliding stacking systems use segmented panels independent of each part, which allows the doors to be straight or curved. When open, the panels have the ability to stack inside hidden compartments. Sliding stacking windows and doors can be customized to each project, available in different types of aluminum or wood in a variety of colors and finishes. 

Pivot Doors

The pivot door is a unique feature, which swings inward and outward on a pivot point. This offers flexible use of space and features a sturdy handle on both sides. With thermally broken aluminum and dual-paned low E glass, these are energy-efficient doors that can be used in residential and commercial settings. The hardware is constructed to fit units up to 5 feet wide and 10 feet high. Customizations can be made with sizes, configurations, and glass types to fit the needs of your project. Pivot doors have a high structural performance and are both air and water-resistant. 

Custom Fixed

Custom fixed windows can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific project. ActivWall will create a product that you customize yourself. Choose the design, color, size, and finish that will match the space you have. There are many options to choose from, so we can find something that will work perfectly with your home. Anytime you are looking to upgrade your windows, on either a residential or commercial property, ActivWall makes it a smooth and easy process.

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We backed into our existing door.

Barry H.

We backed into our existing door. They came right out to fix it. Also provided new door at a fair price. Top notch service.”

Dennis explained the problem with my garage door and went right to work

Stephan D.

Dennis explained the problem with my garage door and went right to work – less than two hours later my garage door worked perfectly !!! I couldn’t ask for better service !!! Thank You !!!!!”

Everyone was very friendly and very helpful!

Jacqueline R.

Everyone was very friendly and very helpful! My door was installed by a very competent young man who did an outstanding job!! I highly recommend Fairmont Doors!!!”

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