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Carriage Garage Doors

Different Garage Door Styles

Choosing a new garage door for your home can require you to make a number of decisions. Which type of garage door is in my price range? Do I have a strong enough garage door opener for my door? However, the biggest question most people ask is which garage door style will best complement their

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Modern Garage Door

The Buyer’s Guide to Modern Garage Doors

Are you thinking about upgrading your garage door but aren’t sure what to do? Consider investing in a modern garage door! These garage doors provide a unique statement for your home. Modern Garage Door Styles The term “modern garage door” doesn’t just apply to one specific thing. There are many different styles and looks that

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Broken Garage Door Spring

Why Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

Do you know how a garage door operates? Most garage doors weigh 350-400 pounds and are used 3-5 times throughout the day. For garage doors to move safely, their springs must be kept in good condition so they’re functional. When a garage door spring breaks, it creates severe issues for the garage door. For example,

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liftmaster 87504

LiftMaster’s New Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’ve ever used a LiftMaster garage door opener, you know that they’re dependable, well-trusted products that customers love. Garage door openers are crucial to the functionality of your system. Without a quality garage door opener, your garage door will not operate well. With years of experience working with garage door openers, our team here

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Garage Door Repair Indianapolis IN

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

If you use your garage door on a regular basis, then having garage door repairs are inevitable. Every time you use your keypad or remote, multiple pieces are working to ensure your garage door opens or closes without any issues.  When one of these parts is not functioning properly, it causes your garage door to

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High Speed Doors

What Are the Types of Commercial Doors?

Businesses rely on commercial doors for smooth, efficient operation; they play an important role in ensuring building safety and adding a pop of curb appeal. While most businesses do choose commercial doors for their functionality, rather than design, there are options that have both. We understand that as a business, you need to be able

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What Our Customers Say

We backed into our existing door.

Barry H.

We backed into our existing door. They came right out to fix it. Also provided new door at a fair price. Top notch service.”

Dennis explained the problem with my garage door and went right to work

Stephan D.

Dennis explained the problem with my garage door and went right to work – less than two hours later my garage door worked perfectly !!! I couldn’t ask for better service !!! Thank You !!!!!”

Everyone was very friendly and very helpful!

Jacqueline R.

Everyone was very friendly and very helpful! My door was installed by a very competent young man who did an outstanding job!! I highly recommend Fairmont Doors!!!”

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