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High Speed Doors

High speed doors allow for the rapid movement of people, products, and machinery in busy environments like industrial warehouses and underground parking garages. At Fairmount Door, we offer a wide variety of top-performing high speed doors from the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Goff’s and Raynor.

A high speed door provides odor and dust control, temperature moderation, and increases your business security. In each of these situations, a high speed door will ensure that your employees and products remain safe and secure even during high volume times. For example, a high speed door can allow you to quickly partition off sections of your warehouse when odors or dust flow become a problem. Or, you can use a high speed roll up door to quickly close the openings of your parking garage to prevent tailgating. 

High Speed Doors

What Is a High Speed Door?

A high speed door is a high performance commercial door that operates at up to 11 ft/sec. They are also known as sectional doors, PVC fabric doors, or roller shutters. High speed doors are made of lightweight, durable materials like aluminum or insulated fabric. This allows them to operate with tremendous efficiency while remaining low maintenance and cutting down on repairs. 

Specifically, high speed doors are necessary when your business has high traffic flow, security issues, or areas that need temperature control. We commonly perform high speed door installation for businesses like:

  • Auto Dealerships
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Condominiums
  • Emergency Vehicle Stations
  • Underground Parking Garages
  • Clean Rooms
  • Temperature Controlled Areas (Cold Storage)

Upgrades for High Speed Doors

To make your high speed door operate with the utmost efficiency and safety, we also offer numerous options for upgrading your high speed roll up door including:

  • Faster opening for increased productivity
  • Soft start/stop
  • Loop detectors
  • Radio Control
  • Motion detectors
  • Horns
  • Strobe lights
  • Breakaway panels
  • Easy maintenance

With all these options, we can ensure your high speed roll up doors are ready to consistently work to benefit your business. Whether you want more convenience by automating your commercial high speed doors or motion detectors to ensure they always operate safely, we have the expertise to perform your high speed door installation. Contact us today to learn how we can upgrade your business with a new high speed door!

Want To Learn More About High Speed Doors?

With a high speed door upgrading the convenience, functionality, and security of your business, you’ll be confident you made the right choice. Need more information about high speed doors before you make your decision? Contact us today at the location nearest you!

Product Options

Explore our product options by clicking below! We work with Raynor and Goff’s because they are two industry leaders who consistently deliver quality high speed roll up door products. 

Raynor Rapidcoil High Speed Doors

Raynor RapidCoil™ High Speed Doors

Raynor’s line of RapidCoil fabric high speed doors utilizes the industry’s best sealing technology which gives an extremely tight seal against wind, rain, and contaminants. 

Goffs High Speed Doors

Goff’s High Speed Doors

High performance vinyl and mesh doors at an affordable price designed for interior and exterior high cycle traffic speeds up to 54” per second and openings up to 16’ x 16’.

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