Emergency Garage Door Repair

Here at Fairmount Door, we understand that your garage door can break at any time. One night, a broken garage door spring may leave your car trapped in the garage or a morning accident with your car may cause damaged garage door panels. That is why our expert technicians are available for after hours garage door repair Lafayette, Marion, Kokomo, and Noblesville IN whenever you need emergency garage door repair. In fact, we offer 24 hour garage door repair near Marion IN, Lafayette IN, Kokomo IN, Hamilton County IN, and more. 

Our Emergency Garage Door Services


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When to Call Us for Emergency Garage Door Repair

Because a lot of homeowners use the garage door as their primary entrance, a broken garage door can be a major inconvenience. When your garage door won’t open, your car is stuck in the garage, interrupting your busy schedule. Or, when your garage door won’t close, your garage interior and home entrance are exposed to potential home invaders. That is why our experienced garage door technicians are available with 24/7 emergency garage door repair near Lafayette, Marion, Kokomo, and Noblesville IN . We are ready to fix your garage door exactly when you need us most. 

Schedule Emergency Garage Door Repair Immediately If You Notice

  • When your garage door is stuck open, leaving your valuables and the entrance to your home exposed.
  • When your garage door won’t open, leaving your car stuck in the garage.
  • When your garage door is off track or crooked, potentially damaging other parts of your garage door system. 
  • When you hear unusual banging, scrapping, or squeaking noises as the garage door attempts to operate. 

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Garage Door Repair

If you continue to try and force your garage door to operate with damage, you could cause further damage to the entire garage door system. For example, you could cause a broken garage door spring or make your garage door come out of track. Also, a broken garage door can be a major hazard to both you and your family, especially if it is trapped in the up position and may fall.

Instead of taking these risks, schedule emergency garage door repairs with our professional, efficient garage door technicians. Because we are available 24/7, we can quickly be at your home with the best garage door replacement parts. We provide emergency garage door repair Lafayette, Marion, Kokomo, and Noblesville IN.

Emergency Commercial Garage Door Repair

To ensure the productivity of your business, you need a commercial garage door repair company you can trust to work quickly and efficiently. That is why our commercial technicians are available for 24/7 emergency commercial garage door repair. Because we are also a business, we understand that you can’t halt productions to wait around on repairs. So whenever a forklift damages your door or a broken spring causes unexpected damage, don’t hesitate to schedule your emergency commercial garage door repairs with Fairmount Door. We can repair any commercial door makes and models for warehouses, storage facilities, storefronts, restaurants, and more. 

Our team is experienced in handling all types of garage door repairs. We are trained in spring repair, cable replacement, panel and roller repair, and garage door opener replacement. Most of the time, a stuck garage door will result from damaged springs or a malfunctioning opener. We’ll conduct repairs to fit whatever issues your garage door is experiencing. 

Yes, absolutely! Our team is on call 24/7 so we can perform emergency garage door repair. We understand how displacing it can be when you can’t shut your garage door, leaving your home exposed at night. That’s why we take emergency repairs seriously and will come every time you need us.

Our garage door technicians are the best out there. They are highly trained to take care of garage door repairs with a thoroughness that leaves no room for error. They will also treat you and your home with respect and will provide excellent, friendly service.

This depends on the type of repair! Most of the time, we can conduct repairs within a couple of hours provided we have the replacement parts we need. We do our best to provide quick repairs while also ensuring that they are done correctly. 

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New Garage Door

We backed into our existing door. They came right out to fix it. Also provided new door at a fair price. Top notch service.
- Barry H.

I couldn’t ask for better service !!!

Dennis explained the problem with my garage door and went right to work – less than two hours later my garage door worked perfectly !!! I couldn’t ask for better service !!! Thank You !!!!!
- Stephan D.

Highly recommend Fairmont Doors!!!

Everyone was very friendly and very helpful! My door was installed by a very competent young man who did an outstanding job!! I highly recommend Fairmont Doors!!!
- Jacqueline R.

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