What Are the Types of Commercial Doors?

Businesses rely on commercial doors for smooth, efficient operation; they play an important role in ensuring building safety and adding a pop of curb appeal. While most businesses do choose commercial doors for their functionality, rather than design, there are options that have both. We understand that as a business, you need to be able to rely on a commercial door that will work day-to-day in a high-use environment. If it breaks or becomes stuck, it may halt operation for the day if you can’t remove equipment or enter and exit the building. 

Time is money, which is why you need efficient commercial door installation and repair done by a company you can trust. Fairmount Door only employs trained technicians that conduct commercial door installation correctly the first time. We are also knowledgeable on the different types of commercial doors and what their advantages and disadvantages are. We conduct commercial door installation services that are designed to best serve you. Below are the most common commercial doors we install for local businesses. 

Common Types of Commercial Doors

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are simple, yet functional for businesses that need a clean exterior. Made up of sections, or panels, they resemble what a typical residential door looks like. While they aren’t elaborately designed, they’re inexpensive, easy to repair, and function reliably. You can contact our team for commercial sectional door installation that you can count on. 

Commercial Sectional Door

Rolling Doors

Rolling doors are a very popular choice for commercial doors. They’re made of rolling steel and roll up in a cylinder-like position when moving. They’re convenient because of their efficient construction that allows for easy repair. Repairs can be done by section instead of replacing the whole door, which lessens the price tag. These doors are lightweight, used for concession stands or small information booths. 

But they can also be used in heavy-duty situations for warehouses, storefronts, or other large storage facilities. Call us today for roll up door installation so you can have the most efficient, reliable commercial door for your business. We service Marion, Lafayette, Kokomo, Hamilton County, and the surrounding areas.

Rolling Doors

High Speed Doors

High speed doors are a great choice for businesses because they are so efficient. Most commercial doors will be in use a lot throughout the day, especially if there are vehicles or equipment moving in and out. You need a garage door that will move quickly, not one that you’ll be waiting on. High speed doors are available in metal, rubber, fabric, and insulated fabric. They all have varying speeds but should range from 60-80 inches per second. They can be customized to fit your needs and are reliable doors that you won’t regret installing. Our team conducts high speed commercial door installation with attention to excellent service.

Raynor Rapidcoil High Speed Doors


We Offer Commercial Door Services including Installation, Repair, and Service to all of Central Indiana!

Specialty Doors

Specialty doors are designed to fit less common business needs. If you have an unconventional scenario, you may need specialty commercial door installation. Here are some of the specialty doors you can find:

Pass Doors: These doors are commonly used for smaller areas, where a standard garage door size wouldn’t fit. Because it’s a smaller size door, it’ll conserve energy as well as experience less need for repairs. Pass doors usually come insulated in muted colors like white or brown. 

Fire Doors: Usually made from hollow metal, these doors are built to withstand fire. They’re a great safety feature to have, especially if your business works around chemicals prone to fire. 

Forced Entry Doors: While these doors look completely normal, they’re actually built with heavier duty steel to keep the bad guys out.

Sound Resistant Doors: These doors are wonderful because they’re built to insulate noise. These can be a great choice for schools, music rooms, or even apartments.

Bullet Resistant: These doors are newer and are being installed in schools and public places in case of shooter emergencies.

Tornado/Hurricane Resistant: Most tornadoes and hurricanes can destroy a regular door in a matter of seconds. But steel doors can be built to withstand winds from 110-170 mph. If you are in an area that frequently is subjected to severe weather, you may want to consider these doors. 


Loading Dock Doors

Many commercial locations use loading dock doors to unload equipment or products. Our service team can come to measure your loading dock and then install a loading dock door. There’s different equipment that can be included, like barriers, dock safety lights, and truck restraint systems. We can discuss these options so you have a sufficient setup for your commercial loading dock. Our team is experienced in handling all commercial door installations with a thorough focus to detail.

Raynor Sectional Doors

Contact Us To Learn More About Commercial Doors

Don’t hesitate to contact Fairmount Door today for commercial door installation. If you have any questions, we’re always here to help. Commercial doors are a necessary part of a business and our goal is to help you find the best commercial door for your business.

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