LiftMaster’s New Smart Garage Door Openers

If you’ve ever used a LiftMaster garage door opener, you know that they’re dependable, well-trusted products that customers love. Garage door openers are crucial to the functionality of your system. Without a quality garage door opener, your garage door will not operate well. With years of experience working with garage door openers, our team here at Fairmount Door has found the best openers on the market. With LiftMaster, you receive a product you can count on for years to come. 

LiftMaster’s brand new garage door openers include models 87504, 84501, 87802, and 84602. These new opener products are rich with smart features that are built with convenience in mind. With smart garage door openers, you can rely on WiFi connectivity and the ability to connect your phone to the garage door opener. You’ll have complete control of your garage door from your phone! These openers also come with security features, including video monitoring. This 24/7 video monitoring can be recorded and is accompanied by motion detection lights. These LiftMaster garage door openers are wonderful investments to make, as they’re brimming with exciting features and built to last.

LiftMaster Model 87504

LiftMaster’s model 87504 is a belt drive smart garage door opener that comes with bright LED lighting. It has a built-in HD camera able to record footage within your garage. This opener connects with the MyQ app, where you can monitor video recordings at any time from your smartphone. The night vision lenses are also glare resistant and can adjust to night lighting, which means you’ll get clear recordings at night with the ability to tilt and rotate the camera 360 degrees. The LED lighting uses motion detection, which means you can have peace of mind about who’s in your garage. This lighting connects with your safety sensors, which sense anything that moves over the garage threshold. 

As a belt drive opener with a DC, smooth start motor, one of the best features is its extremely quiet operation. The LiftMaster 87504 Garage Door Opener will be an investment you wish you had made years ago. The smart features allow for optimal convenience; you don’t have to worry about losing opener remotes! You can also rest assured that your garage door is safe with the built in video recording.

liftmaster 87504

LiftMaster Model 84501

LiftMaster’s 84501 model is another belt drive garage door opener built with excellent features. You’ll find a virtually silent operation with a smooth start DC motor. Here are some of the best features of this opener: 

  • Control and monitor your garage with the MyQ app 
  • LED lighting system built with 1500 lumens of light 
  • Ultra-quiet DC motor
  • Strong belt drive system
  • Works with Amazon Key for deliveries 
  • Electronic protection against forced openings

The ability to connect with Amazon Key is a convenient way to allow groceries and other deliveries to be dropped off in your garage. Protection against forced openings is an excellent security advantage. Every time you use an opener remote, a secure code is sent to the garage. This model also comes with motion detection lighting and connectivity to safety sensors. The belt and motor warranty last a lifetime, and you’ll receive both a remote control and WiFI control panel with this opener.

LiftMaster 84501 Garage Door Opener


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LiftMaster Model 87802

Liftmaster’s model 87802 is a heavy duty chain drive smart opener. It’s built to support heavier garage doors and comes with LED corner-to-corner lighting and a battery backup. This opener connects to the MyQ app and uses a 360 degree ring light that will illuminate your garage. You can have peace of mind with the battery backup, as even if the power is shut off, this opener will still work. This model is compatible with Amazon Key as well. If you desire extra safety, you can add an automatic garage door lock, which will make your garage virtually impenetrable. You can rest assured that this garage door opener will work well even in areas with high winds. With a lift heavy door and an I beam rail system, this is an extremely durable garage door opener that will power even the heaviest of garage doors.

liftmaster 87802

LiftMaster Model 84602

This LiftMaster model 84602 is a smart chain drive opener that comes with dual LED lighting and a battery backup. Here are some of the best features that you’ll have access to with this opener: 

  • Monitoring through the MyQ app
  • LED lighting system with 1500 lumens of light
  • Battery backup
  • Chain drive is durable and long lasting
  • Quiet DC motor with smooth start/stop operation
  • Works with Amazon Key 
  • Electronic protection against forced openings

With these smart features, this LiftMaster 84602 opener is a great option that boasts convenience and safety. The LED system will ensure your garage door is protected, the battery backup can be used in emergencies, and the Amazon Key feature allows for efficient deliveries. 

liftmaster 84602

Garage Door Opener Installation

At Fairmount Door, we are now selling LiftMaster’s excellent new garage door openers! Are you ready to upgrade your old opener to a new one with smart features? You’ll be so thankful you made the investment, as these openers come with the best protection for your garage and allow convenient smartphone use. Contact us today if you’re interested in one of these LiftMaster garage door openers! 

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