Different Garage Door Styles

Choosing a new garage door for your home can require you to make a number of decisions. Which type of garage door is in my price range? Do I have a strong enough garage door opener for my door? However, the biggest question most people ask is which garage door style will best complement their home’s exterior. 

Garage doors have the opportunity to completely enhance your home’s appearance by changing its style and increasing curb appeal. Garage doors can be classified into three types: traditional, modern, and carriage. Each garage door style varies from the other, with some homes not being a perfect fit for every door type.

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors are the most common option in American homes. Traditional garage doors have a simple and clean design that complements the style of almost any residential home. These overhead doors have symmetrical, horizontal panels that are available in raised or recessed designs. Traditional garage doors are a popular garage door style that can be customized to your liking. You can add personal touches by incorporating different windows or choosing a unique color or wood-look finish.

An added bonus of traditional garage doors is that any type of garage door opener will be able to lift your door. Traditional garage doors are typically made out of steel or faux wood which is sturdy and long-lasting. Steel garage doors can also still be painted to match your home’s exterior. No matter the construction you choose, a traditional garage door design is a great option to enhance the look of your home without breaking the bank.

traditional garage door
traditional garage door

Modern Garage Doors

In this day and age, modern garage doors are quickly becoming the norm. Because they can be fabricated from glass, metal, faux wood, or even real wood, modern garage doors offer the greatest degree of versatility among the three garage door styles. Modern garage doors, or contemporary garage doors, are made using flushed panels, which have a simple window design and minimal hardware. These overhead doors are usually long-lasting, with a lot of customization options. Working with modern garage doors, you are able to change the type of windows, the color scheme, and add insulation. Even with all this customizability, modern garage doors still hold the values of minimalism to complement your home without overpowering it.

modern garage door
Modern Garage Door


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Carriage Garage Doors

Carriage garage doors are common in barn-styled homes, Victorian-themed houses, or barndominums. These garage doors have the appearance and style of old carriage houses but still operate as standard overhead doors. Carriage garage doors also have the advantage of being highly customizable in their appearance. The type of wood can be changed, as well as the degree of style. 

Whether you decide to go with real wood or faux wood, carriage garage doors are a striking way to enhance your home’s appearance. You can even add decorative handles and accessories to the doors, showcasing a wide variety of different design choices. One thing to note is that carriage garage doors are typically much heavier than the other types of doors, and will most likely need a stronger garage door opener.

Garage door installation
barn style garage door

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