Off-Track Garage Door Repair in Lafayette and Marion, IN

Speedy Off-Track Garage Door Repair

Fairmount Door Corporation offers off-track garage door repair near Lafayette and Marion, IN. When your garage door goes awry, we can fix it! We’re ready to come when you call, and our trucks are stocked with everything we need to repair your garage door quickly. Contact us today to get started!

Don’t use your garage door when it’s off-track! This can cause severe damage to your other garage door parts. Let the door rest, and contact your local garage door company for reliable off-track garage door repair.

Off-Track Garage Door Repair in Lafayette and Marion, IN​

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How Does a Garage Door Get Off-Track?

There are several ways your garage door can get off-track. Usually, this happens due to another component of your garage door breaking or from an accident with your garage door. For example, your torsion springs may snap, causing your garage door to slam shut and jamming it off its tracks. Or, you may accidentally drive into your garage door, pushing it out of place.

Fortunately, our trained technicians can quickly restore your door to its proper position. We can also repair any other issues and realign your door so that it opens and closes properly. Schedule an appointment today to get started with off-track garage door repair.

Signs Your Garage Door is Off-Track

There are several signs that your garage isn’t operating correctly. When your garage door comes off-track, it can severely damage the other components of your garage door system. It can even halt the use of your garage door entirely. Here are a few common signs that something’s not right with your garage door system:

  • Your garage door opens at an angle.
  • Your garage door wobbles when operating.
  • Your garage door gets stuck halfway.
  • Your garage door won’t open.
  • Your garage door is severely dented.
  • Your garage door makes a grinding noise when operating.
  • Your garage door has uneven, jerky, or stuttering movement during operation.
  • Your garage door is tilted, slanted, or crooked.
  • You hear loud grinding or scraping noises during the garage door operation.
  • You notice visible gaps between the garage door and the tracks.
  • You notice dented, bent, or broken garage door tracks.
  • You notice wear and tear, such as rust and corrosion.

If these sound familiar, you may need an off-track garage door repair near Lafayette and Marion, IN. Contact us to get started today, and we can fix your door in no time!

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Ready to get your garage door fixed? Contact us for an off-track garage door repair near Lafayette and Marion, IN. Our technicians are ready to help! When you schedule an appointment, we’ll quickly fix your off-track garage door. Don’t wait! Contact us today to get started!

An off-track garage door isn’t dangerous if it’s just sitting there. However, if you try to operate it, it can be very dangerous to both you and the rest of your garage door system. Don’t operate your door; let the professionals repair it!

Garage doors that come off-track rarely happen on their own. Usually, something else breaks that throws the door off-track. However, if your door randomly comes off-track, then you shouldn’t need anything else repaired.

When you contact us for off-track garage door repair, our technicians will arrive at your home and inspect your garage door system. They will perform any necessary repairs, reinstall your door on its tracks, and perform a door balance test to ensure it operates properly. We’ll also realign your safety sensors to make sure they work properly!

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