Common Garage Door Repairs Needed by Homeowners

When you walk out the door in the morning, ready to head to work or to take the kids to school, you expect your garage door to open, no questions asked. We don’t usually think too much about what happens if our garage door doesn’t open or if it opens but not like it should.Your garage door should operate smoothly and efficiently every time you use it. In this article, our team at Fairmount Door is shining a light on 4 of the most common garage door repairs we see and signs that you likely need garage door repair.

1. Garage Door Spring Replacement

Considering the amount of tension garage door springs are under, it’s not shocking that garage door spring replacements are one of the most common garage door repairs homeowners need. A garage door spring typically lasts about 10,000 cycles, equating to approximately seven years, depending on how often you open and close your garage door. 

Signs You Need a Garage Door Spring Replacement

  • Your garage door won’t open or opens halfway and stops.
  • You notice fallen or loose garage door cables.
  • Your garage door is unusually heavy when you open it manually.
  • Your garage door slams down suddenly. 
  • Your garage door opens crookedly or at an angle. 
  • There is a 3-4″ gap between the garage door spring’s coils.
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2. Garage Door Opener Repair

The garage door opener is the powerhouse of the garage door system. Without a functioning opener, the garage door will not open or close. Openers make it onto the list of common garage door repairs that homeowners need to be aware of! If your garage door will not open and you think there’s an issue with your opener, check to see if the opener’s power light is on. Like many things, unplugging and then plugging it back in may do the trick. If resetting the opener doesn’t work, you need to call for professional garage door opener repair. 

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Signs You Need Garage Door Opener Repair

  • Your garage door will not open or close.
  • Your keypad, remote, or mobile app is not working.
  • Your garage door will not completely close.
  • Your garage door makes squeaking or grinding noises during operation.
  • Your garage door is shaking while opening or closing.

3. Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage door cables work hand-in-hand with garage door springs to help support the garage door’s weight as it opens and closes. Garage door cables wrap around a drum, and if they fall off the drum or become too worn or frayed due to excessive use, they can break completely. Garage door cable replacements are one of the most common garage door repairs needed, but a professional technician should always complete them due to safety concerns.

4. Garage Door Panel Replacement

Minor garage door accidents frequently happen, making garage door panel replacements one of the most common garage door repairs homeowners request. Depending on your garage door’s material, a fallen tree limb, basketball, or minor run-in with the family car can all cause dents and damage to a garage door panel. Instead of replacing the entire garage door, a panel replacement is a cheaper option where a new panel is matched by brand, model number, and color to match your existing garage door.

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How to Avoid Needing Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repairs cannot be avoided 100% of the time, but there are things you can do to help your garage door run more smoothly and efficiently. Garage door maintenance is the number one way to avoid these common garage door repairs. During a garage door tune-up, an experienced technician will inspect your garage door system for damage and recommend proactive actions to avoid common garage door repairs. They will also clean the garage door tracks and sensors, lubricate all necessary parts, and perform balance and safety tests on the door to ensure everything is working correctly. Schedule a tune-up at least once a year to reduce the risk of needing one of these common garage door repairs.

Don’t Delay! Schedule Garage Door Repair Today!

If you notice your garage door acting strange, call a professional to inspect your door right away. Ignoring needed repairs can lead to more significant damage to your garage door system, costing you more time and money. 

At Fairmount Door, we’ve seen it all! Our team has served Central Indiana since 1975 with fair pricing and 24/7 emergency garage door repair. If you need fast and efficient garage door repair near Lafayette or Marion, IN, call us right away! We stock our service vehicles with tools and replacement parts required to fix the most common garage door repairs so we can finish the job in a single visit. Schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate today!

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