Reasons to Choose a LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

Why Invest in a New Garage Door Opener?

With over half of Americans using their garage as the main entrance to their home, having a reliable and well-functioning garage door opener is increasingly important. You want the best garage door openers for your home because they control the automatic function of your overhead door. 

Investing in a new garage door opener also comes with more great benefits including: 

  • Quieter Operation
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Smartphone Connection for Convenient Use
  • Improved Home Security
  • Integrated Backup Battery for Use During Power Outages

5 Reasons Why LiftMaster Provides the Best Garage Door Openers

1. Leading Smart Technology

LiftMaster’s myQ technology is one of the leading smart garage door opener options on the market. Their wif-fi garage door openers have built-in smart technology, allowing you to control and monitor your garage door from your smartphone. Through an easy-to-use app, you can:

  • Receive automatic updates when your garage door opens or closes.
  • Set daily schedules to close the garage or operate lights.
  • Have packages delivered to your garage with Key by Amazon.
  • Use voice control to operate your garage door.

Many LiftMaster garage door openers now come standard with smart integration. They also have smart garage add-ons, allowing you to upgrade your garage door system without replacing the opener.

2. Some of the Quietest Openers on the Market

When you have living spaces above or beside the garage, you need quiet operation to keep your family comfortable. This is why LiftMaster has released a full range of quiet garage door openers. Their wall mount and belt drive openers have minimal vibrations, smooth operation, and make very little noise. We love recommending the LiftMaster 8500W and LiftMaster 84501, wowing customers with the near-silent operation.

wall mount garage door opener


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3. Advanced Security Measures

Garage doors are a primary entrance for your family, but also for potential home invaders. That’s why garage door security is an important consideration when choosing the best garage door openers for your home. LiftMaster goes above and beyond to equip its openers with the latest security features including:

  • Security+ 2.0 to safeguard your garage door access by sending a new code with every operation.
  • Automatic locks that deadbolt the garage door every time it closes.
  • Timer-To-Close so that the door closes automatically after a certain amount of time. 
  • Motion detection to activate lights in the garage whenever there is motion. 

These advanced garage door security features will give your peace of mind knowing that your home is secure day and night. 

4. Reliable Backup Battery Options

LiftMaster’s Battery Backup means you will always be able to operate your garage door – regardless of storms or power outages. This gives your family peace of mind and safety, knowing you can rely on your garage door opener to function even in the worst circumstances. Many of LiftMaster’s best garage door openers come standard with the Battery Backup including:

  • 8500W
  • 87504
  • 87802
  • 84602
  • 8160WB

5. Durable and Long Lasting Products

LiftMaster also boasts a great reputation for making the best garage door openers for durability and longevity. Most LiftMaster openers last 15-20 years, especially if you keep up with garage maintenance tasks. Their reliable, heavy-duty DC motors are also built to operate the heaviest doors without burning out. 

liftmaster 84602

Our Favorite LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

With so many great products available from LiftMaster, how do you choose the best garage door openers to outfit your home? Over years of installing and testing, our favorite LiftMaster garage door openers include: 

  • LiftMaster 8500W – Wall Mount Opener with Battery Backup and Incredible Power
  • LiftMaster 87504 – Belt Drive Opener with Bright LED Lighting and Built-In HD Camera
  • LiftMaster 84501 – Belt Drive Opener with LED Lighting and Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • LiftMaster 87802 – Chain Drive Opener with 360 Degree Lighting and Battery Backup
  • LiftMaster 84602 – Chain Drive Opener with Strong and Long-Lasting Operation

View more details about why these are the best garage door openers!

Ready to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Home?

Fairmount Door is a leading local expert in all things garage doors and openers. In the industry since 1975, we’ve seen and tested every advancement when it comes to openers. In all this time, we’ve found that LiftMaster provides the best garage door openers to meet the needs of any home or business. Let us help you make the best choice when upgrading your garage door system! Contact us today for a consultation on your new garage door opener

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