Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter

As cold weather sets in, your garage door and parts need to be ready to hold up against frigid temperatures. Did you know that winter is the time of year when garage door companies get the most calls for broken garage door springs and cables? If your garage door is not prepared for winter, you’re more likely to experience these issues:

  • Shrinking metal that leads to broken parts and warped tracks.
  • Dropping temperatures in your living space and higher heating bills as cold air seeps in through your garage.
  • Malfunctioning parts that cause stuck garage doors.
  • Foggy or blocked garage door sensors that prevent the door from operating.

That is why we recommend performing garage door maintenance for winter! These simple tasks will help prevent garage door emergencies because of broken parts and ensure the reliable use of your overhead door until spring. 

Check out our six steps for winter garage door maintenance below!

6 Steps for Winter Garage Door Maintenance

1. Lubricate all moving parts.

Poorly lubricated garage door parts are the biggest enemy of winter. Because major parts like springs, hinges, and tracks are made of metal, they experience shrinking and warping in cold weather. In other words, a cold and unlubricated spring is more likely to break, leaving you with a stuck garage door on a cold winter morning. Instead, apply a non-silicone spray lubricant to your springs, hinges, and cracks before cold weather sets in to keep your garage door operating smoothly and rust-free all winter. 

2. Replace weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping is the seal on the bottom of your garage door that prevents cold air and moisture from seeping in. Over time, weatherstripping cracks, warps, and collects dust, meaning you lose energy efficiency in your garage. That’s why an important winter garage door maintenance task is to replace weatherstripping. Fresh weatherstripping will create a tighter seal, keeping your garage more comfortable. 

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3. Inspect hinges, tracks, and springs.

Another simple winter garage door maintenance task is to inspect your garage door’s operation. Importantly, monitor your hinges, tracks, and springs as the door goes up and down. If the overhead door operates loudly or makes grinding noises, schedule an appointment for a professional inspection. It’s better to catch issues early so it prevents a winter garage door emergency. 

4. Test garage door sensors. 

Garage door sensors are safety mechanisms installed on either side of the garage door opening. If an object or person blocks the sensor’s path, it prevents the door from closing. As part of winter garage door maintenance, test your garage door safety sensors by pressing the button to close the door and then stepping in front of the sensors or waving something in the door’s opening. The garage door should automatically reverse as soon as it detects an object or movement. If it does not, call a professional for a garage door inspection

5. Clean garage door exterior and windows. 

After confirming that your garage door system and parts are in good shape, it’s time to move outside. If you have windows in your garage door, check for cracks or a poor seal that could allow moisture and cold air into your garage. It’s best to have your garage door windows replaced if you notice a major issue. You can also clean your garage door surface and windows with a mild detergent. 

6. Replace the keypad and remote batteries.

The last task to ensure your garage door is set for winter is replacing the batteries in your wall keypad and remotes. This is a quick and easy task that may save you time and a headache. This also prevents the batteries from running out at an inconvenient time. 

Schedule Winter Garage Door Maintenance with Our Experts!

If you don’t have time in your busy schedule to cover these winter garage door maintenance tasks, let Fairmount Door serve your home! We are a family-owned and operated garage door company based in Lafayette and Marion, Indiana. Since 1975, we have worked to provide outstanding garage door maintenance, repair, and installation to our community. If you need garage door maintenance to prevent emergencies from popping up this winter, contact us to schedule your appointment!

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