The Best New Garage Door Installations Near You

Are you thinking about getting a new garage door? Is your old one so worn-down that it can’t be repaired anymore? Are you ready for an upgrade to your curb appeal? Did you just build a new home and need a garage door?

Garage Door Installation Eaton, IN

Whatever the reason is, Fairmount Door Corporation can help you find the perfect new garage door for your home! We specialize in all types of garage doors for installation. Our technicians are experts in garage door installation, so you can trust us to correctly install your garage door. Contact us when you’re ready for a new garage door installation in Central Indiana.

Reasons to Install a New Garage Door

There are many reasons to consider a new garage door for your home. Here are a few of the top reasons:

Increased Value

A garage door replacement has ranked as the #1 top ROI (return on investment) for home improvement projects for the past two years and has stayed above 93% for the past five years. this means that having a new garage door installed can greatly increase your home’s value if you’re looking to sell.

Increased Safety and Security

With new garage doors come new safety and security features. You won’t have to worry about your door slamming down or people being able to get in easily like with your old door. And with the new garage door openers on the market, you can even control most of this from your phone.

Increased Curb Appeal

With so many new styles of garage doors, you don’t have to have a simple, white, traditional garage door anymore. You’re free to choose a door that will amaze your neighbors and look stunning with your home. There are as many options as you can think of!

Options for New Garage Doors

New garage doors are very customizable, so let’s look at some of the ways you can get your perfect new door:


There are three main styles to consider when choosing a new garage door:
  • Traditional
  • Carriage House
  • Modern
There are a few others that are very similar, such as barn style and contemporary, but these are the main ones to think about.
traditional garage door


Traditional garage doors are the most popular due to their accessibility, budget-friendliness, and ability to go with anything. You'll see these everywhere, blending in with homes. They're a great option if you have a low budget or just want something simple.

Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage House

This style takes inspiration from—you guessed it—carriage houses. This is a very elegant look that instantly makes any home look classy. You'll find wood or faux wood doors with "X" patterns and decorative hardware here. This is a great option to increase your curb appeal without breaking the bank.

modern garage door


Modern garage doors are the most customizable option. These doors range from solid wood to asymmetrical to glass to everything in-between. You'll find similar features among them, however. You may notice contrasting colors (like black), unique window arrangements (like asymmetrical, all windows, or even no windows), real materials, and simplistic designs (nothing unnecessary here).


Materials play a big role in your new garage door. The materials you choose are what largely determines the price and how long the door will last.
  • Aluminum: Most used, lightweight, cheapest
  • Wood: Adds charm, very insulated, very heavy
  • Glass: Customizable, needs reinforcement, creates a new feel
  • Steel: Used as a reinforcer, very durable, often paired with faux wood
  • Faux Wood: Gives the look without the price, extremely customizable, lightweight


Finally, you’ll want to consider the construction of your door. Nearly every style can have more insulation added to it. Typically, insulation comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-layer options. The more layers, the more insulation, and the better the noise control and energy efficiency. More layers cost more, however, so that’s something to consider as well.
raynor garage doors

The supply chain changes depending on what’s going on in the world. It’s best to call to request an estimate for how long it will be to get a new garage door. If we have the door you want in stock, we can get it installed pretty quickly. If not, it may only be a few weeks before you get your new door.

We do! We have a lot of new garage door openers that will pair perfectly with your new garage door. Check out more information here.

This will depend on the material that you get and how much maintenance it receives, but you can expect it to last you for about 15-30 years.

The Top Brands for a Garage Door Installation

When choosing your new garage door, you’ll want to consider what brands to go with. We work with only the best brands to make sure you get quality materials no matter who you choose. The decision may rest with a particular style you like that’s only offered by a certain brand, but it’s still helpful to know what kind of doors each one offers. Here are our brands for new garage doors:
  • Raynor Garage Doors
  • Haas Door Garage Doors
  • DoorLink Manufacturing Garage Doors
  • Clopay Garage Doors
  • Amarr Garage Doors

Contact Us for a New Garage Door Installation in Central Indiana

barn style garage door

If you’re ready for a new garage door installation, then contact Fairmount Door Corporation. We can help you get the perfect new door for your home and budget. Want more ideas? Browse our Gallery to view some past projects or Design Your Door to see what your idea will look like. Contact us with any questions about new garage doors!

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