9 Choices to Make Before a New Garage Door Installation

Know What to Expect Before Garage Door Installation

Investing in a new garage door installation for your home is a big decision. A garage door that a professional garage door technician properly installs can last up to 30 years! When it’s all said and done, your home’s curb appeal and property value will skyrocket, but before that can happen, you will have some choices to make regarding your new garage door installation. Be aware of the choices you’ll need to make, and get ready to choose the perfect garage door for your home!

new garage door installation

Choice #1: Garage Door Installation Budget

Start by knowing your budget for garage door installation. This will help guide your choices as you decide what garage door brand, material, and optional customizations to choose. Try to have a budget range in mind. Affordability is important, yes, but so are quality and convenience. Knowing the minimum and maximum amount you’d like to spend will make you feel confident in the choices you make moving forward. 

Choice #2: Garage Door Style

Do you prefer a traditional garage door style, or do you want to go big and bold with a more modern or contemporary style? Perhaps your home is perfectly suited for a carriage house garage door (aka “barn” style). Check out a garage door gallery to get an idea of what you do and do not like.  

Choice #3: Garage Door Material

There are several material options for a new garage door installation. The garage door material you choose plays a vital role in how your door functions, the maintenance requirements, and the overall longevity of the door. They all have benefits and drawbacks, so choose the material that best fits your needs, lifestyle, and location. Location matters because certain materials perform better in specific weather conditions. Wood doors, for example, are not ideal for overly rainy and humid areas. 

Garage Door Material Options:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Faux Wood
  • Glass
  • Fiberglass
carriage house garage door

Choice #4: Garage Door Color

The color options for your new garage door installation will vary depending on what brand and material you choose. Garage door manufacturers offer multiple color options; some styles have more options than others. Most wood garage doors have several wood grain options to choose from. 

Choice #5: Garage Door Brand

When you spend time and money investing in a new garage door installation, you want to know the product you receive is durable and quality-tested. Choosing a garage door brand that consistently produces durable and long-lasting garage doors is critical! Our team at Fairmount Door Corporation in Central Indiana partners with the leading manufacturers in the industry:

  • Raynor Garage Doors
  • Haas Door Garage Doors
  • DoorLink Manufacturing
  • Clopay Garage Doors
  • Amarr Garage Doors

Choice #6: Garage Door Windows

If you want the natural light windows provide, you have many options to choose from. Add windows to the top, middle, or along the sides of the garage door. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You can also choose the tint of the glass and whether you want entirely see-through windows or windows with an obscured view. 

Choice #7: Extra Insulation

Adding extra insulation to a garage door will reduce the noise during operation, which is especially important for homes with a bedroom directly adjacent to or above the garage. An extra layer (or two or three!) will make your new garage door more energy efficient.   

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Choice #8: Decorative Hardware

Certain styles, such as carriage house garage doors, utilize hinges, handles, knobs, and more. Decorative hardware is a great way to add personal flair to your new garage door installation. Choose between various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Choice #9: Garage Door Service Company

The final choice you’ll need to make is what garage door company to utilize for your new garage door installation. For the best results, choose a well-established, local company offering fair pricing, flexible financing, warranties, and excellent customer service. Contact Fairmount Door Corporation for more information about our new garage door installation service in Central Indiana.

Avoid Decision Fatigue During Garage Door Installation

Whew! That’s a lot of choices, and we know a new garage door installation can seem overwhelming. Two of the best ways to avoid decision fatigue are to:

  1. Make a list of your top priorities- Know what is most important to you, and focus on that. Is it affordability, appearance, energy efficiency, or garage door material?
  2. Ask for help- Luckily, you don’t have to go through this process alone! Your local garage door service company can answer your questions and make recommendations.  

We hope this helps you feel prepared for your new garage door installation. Our team at Fairmount Door Corporation is the easy choice for new garage door installation near Central Indiana! Contact us today.

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