Glass Garage Doors For Your Summer

Endless Summer Vacation With a Glass Garage Door

The summertime represents fun times and gatherings, vacations for the kids, and relaxation for the whole family! Create an endless summer vacation with glass garage doors, and flood your space with natural light, your given outdoor surroundings, and the opportunity for multi-functional ideas.

Glass garage doors are an easy way to instantly modernize your space and elevate any space’s functionality. Didn’t plan on rain for this weekend’s big barbeque cookout? Open your garage door to let your guests in, or leave it closed without needing an artificial light source. With full-view glass garage doors, you can welcome natural light into any residential or commercial space.

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Functional Spaces For A Glass Garage Door

Consider how your house is set up and how the sun’s rays cover each section. Perhaps the backside of your house could benefit from a glass garage door versus the front. In terms of functionality, a glass garage door can offer several advantages for a customizable section of your house.

Enclosed patios: 

A glass garage door can enclose your backyard patio as a multi-functional area. Extend the comfortability of the indoor elements to an enclosed patio. If you rather keep the glass door closed to enjoy the outdoor scenery without pests or insects, your patio is your own special haven. Why spend money on an extravagant vacation or pricey restaurant when you’ve created your own slice of paradise right where your patio is? 


If your back porch overlooks a vast landscape, a glass garage door could be your open window to your own private nook. Easily see out to check on your pets or kids playing outside. A front, side, or back porch is a similar sentiment as the patio. A glass garage door connected to your porch would invite so many hosting opportunities for book clubs, youth groups, or quaint family time.


The kitchen area is where most families gather and is where the most activity happens during the summer months, whether you’re fetching a drink or making a refreshing snack.

A glass garage door connected to your kitchen is a wonderful solution if you’re unloading groceries, or you’ve overcooked dinner, and you need quicker access to open the space up to the outdoors. Deep cleaning your kitchen before and after events is also so much more convenient when fresh air can flush out harmful bleach and chemical smells. Flood your kitchen with open space and the natural light that glass garage doors provide.

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Pool houses: 

Just as your garage door doesn’t have to be restricted to a lost-cause storage unit, the pool house can be better utilized with a glass garage door. Can’t remember the last time you’ve seen the back corners of your dark pool house? Having a larger opening than a regular-sized door would make your pool house more accessible and allow you to see every corner of where you may have left that inflatable pump. Having a glass door that faces your pool can enhance the overall experience of enjoying the summer scenery.

Office spaces: 

A glass garage door takes your office space to the next level! During the summer months, glass garage doors allow extra ventilation, as you can open the door partially or fully, depending on your preference, to let in fresh air. This can help keep the garage cool and comfortable, especially if you use it as a workshop or a recreational space.


Unfinished basements tend to be dingy, dark storage places or an extra bedroom for a member of the family that nobody sees. A glass garage door creates a large entry point, so entertaining and storage purposes are a multi-functional area for your home. Get ready to be known as a summer house with a glass garage door connected to your basement! 

The bottom level of some homes doesn’t have any windows, which contributes to the large tipping scale of why basements deserve a glass garage door upgrade. Especially if the basement provides a visually appealing view of the surroundings, it will make the space feel more connected to the outdoor environment. Devoid all those stairs, and give guests an alternate path to the party downstairs!

Ask Us About a Custom Glass Garage Door!

Full View Glass Garage Door

Fully customize your glass garage door to your space with additional security and privacy configurations. Whether you utilize your glass garage door as a large, functional window or require it for increased airflow in your storefront, ask about a custom glass garage door from Fairmount Door Corporation.

We can easily add tint and insulation between the panels, which will help keep the garage cool and comfortable during the summer months. You can also add blinds or shades for additional privacy and sunlight control.

Like any garage door, it closes with automatic locks and can be reinforced by installing an auto slide lock to act as a deadbolt that will hold the door down when the opener closes the door for extra security.

Fairmount Door’s Easy Breezy Glass Garage Door Installation

Don’t just be cool for the summer. We know glass garage doors can instantly give your space a modern and sleek look. While a glass door is a stylish choice, it can save on energy costs with natural light. Creating a bright and open atmosphere, a new glass garage door is also a wise choice for a return on investment and will uplift any area.

Fairmount Door proudly offers top-of-the-line garage door repair, installation, and maintenance service from our convenient locations in Marion, IN and Lafayette, IN. Let in as much fresh air as you want with your opener, and fully enjoy the benefits all year round with a glass garage door installation.

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